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EUROLUX- MP is a premium acrylic emulsion paint made from cross linking polymers.

USES:  An Ideal paint for the long life and protection of the Exterior wall surfaces in a varied climate conditions. The antifungal nature of the paint keeps the fungus away and the in built water repellant chemicals keep the moisture away and the inbuilt UV protection chemicals resist the fading of the color.


  • EUROLUX -MP gives long term protection to the walls.
  • EUROLUX-MP is antifungal and algae resistant.
  • EUROLUX- MP is water based low voc paint.
  • EULORLUX -MP used as Eco friendly additives

PREPARATION: Dilute the paint with clean and soft water to bring it to the brushable consistency.


  • Apply with brush/roller to the pre primed surface.
  • Use of Euro prime recommended for the surface preparation and better coverage and consistency.
  • Depending on the surface Euro prime can cover 60-80 sft per litre of the diluted paint.

CLEANING:  Clean the brush with water before it dries.

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