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READYPROOFFIX-Wall Décor a GREY/WHITE cement putty

READYPROOF FIX Putty is Grey/White cement based, powder putty. It is both economical and very easy to apply. READYPROOF FIX Putty is to be applied before painting on the plastered or un plastered wall to level the surface. It gives a very smooth and excellent water resistant finishing.

Raw Material: READYPROOF FIX Putty Comprise of high quality graded Grey/White cement, selected grade of limestone and various special chemicals.

Advantages: READYPROOF FIX Putty is durable with excellent water resistant and water proofing properties can be applied over new and smooth edges.

Application: walls should be clean and free from grease, oil, or dirt wet the wall with potable water. Mix 8litre of water gradually and continuously, with 20Kg of READYPROOF FIX Putty using a trowel or flat blade of any suitable tool till lump-free paste is obtained. Remix and apply 2 coats of READYPROOF FIX Putty Paste by trowel plat blade or any suitable tool and allow it to dry.

Coverage: a 20 Kg packet will cover approx 200 Sq.ft at 1mm thickness.


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