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ReadySeal PD - Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Prepacked repair mortar-only addition of water is required
  • Dense & cohesive mortar will not allow water penetration
  • It is an expanding cementations mortar which will ensure the perfect bond on both the sides of the cracks
  • Gives high strength
  • Non-metallic & chloride free

Product: READYSEAL is an easy to use, high strength, crack repair mortar, which ensures perfect filling of cracks and will not allow water penetration.


Surface Preparation: Chip out the crack in ‘V’ groove & clean all the debris & loose particles and prevent the surface. The prepared surface should be free from oil, grease, etc.

Mixing: Mix 700ml of water with 5Kg of READYSEAL will give you mortar consistency & fill up the READYSEAL mortar into the cracks.

Curing: Initial curing should be started after 2 hours and continue up to 3 days alternatively.

Primer: Normally primer is not required for READYSEAL, but for exceptionally porous surface READYPATCH PRIMER-(A polymer based primer) is recommended for better bond.

Packing: 5 Kg in sealed polythene packs.

Coverage: 5Kg READYSEAL will give the yield of 2.5 ltrs which will approximately cover 2-3 cracks having the width & depth of 15mm- 10mm.

Storage: At least 6 months in original sealed container in dry conditions.

Health & safety: READYSEAL is non-toxic; however splashes on the skin should be washed well with water.

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