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ReadyProof EMB, Ideal Ready to use, cold liquid applied water proofing coating forming rubberized bituminous membrane.

READY PROOF-EMB is specially designed polymer modified bitumen emulsion based cold applied elastomeric coating dries to form tough durable impermeable membrane.

Uses: ideal economical long lasting water proofing & protective system for concentrate roof polystyrene built up roof, masonry & concrete walls, toilet blocks, wet areas, balconies, damp proof & foundation protection, protective coat for retaining wall, sub structure timber & metal surfaces.


  • Solvent free, water based economical material.
  • No preheating required.
  • Easy apply, ready to use cold applied.
  • Self priming & fast drying.
  • Sustains thermal expansion.
  • Corrosion resistant & vapour barrier.
  • Protects against chloride & sulphate ions in sub soil

Preparations: Surface should be clean and free from dirt, dust, grease & oil. For difficult & porous surfaces primer coats is recommended.

Method of application: READY PROOF-EMB can be applied by brush, roller or squeegee, similar to any paint application for rough surfaces water can be added to required consistence, apply 2 coats of READY PROOF-EMB after previous coat is dry.

Metallic surface: 3-4 Sq.m per Kg
Concrete Surface: 2-3 Sq.M.per Kg (Depending on the surface porosity) spread of 1Kg per Sq.M will give approx600 micron dry film thickness.

Cleaning: READY PROOF-EMB can be cleaned with water in wet condition or can be cleaned with any suitable petroleum solvent.

Storage: shelf of one year from date of manufacture,store in closed container under moderate temperature.

Technical Data:



Brownish black in liquid from & black upon drying


Physical property

Thixo tropic paste


Specific gravity

1.08 to 1.15


Touch dry

App 4 hour


thorough dry

24-48 hours


Solid contents

Min 50%


Heat Resistance@60`c

No cracking or blistering


Cold Resistance @5`c

No cracking


Resistance to water




Min 45@5cm/min pull

The above data may vary with the ambient temperature.

Packing: READY PROOF-EMB is available in 1,5&20Kg packing.

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