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Ready Plug, A fast setting plugging compound for stoppage of running water


  • Stops running water instantly
  • Sets under water
  • Non shrink, nonmetallic
  • High structural strength easy to use

Description: READYPLUG is a fast setting hydraulic compound which stops running water instantly. READYPLUG sets in 1 to 3 minutes depending on temperature and the surface to which it is applied. Lower temperature will retard setting time and higher temperature accelerates the setting time.

Uses: READYPLUG will stop running water and seepage through concrete and masonary walls, dams and floor junctions. It can be used as a grout around pipes.

Surface preparation: Chisel out masonry around the hole or crack to a depth and width not less than 25mm. Ensure that the hole is wider with in the wall than at the surface (inverted ‘V’ groove). If the water pressure is high at the area to be patched, make weep holes at the base of the wall to relive the pressure.

Mixing: READYPLUG should be mixed with trowel in small quantities 1:4 by volume of 1:5 by weight (water to READYPLUG)

Application: Hold the mixing READYPLUG in the gloved hand until heat generation is felt and force the material in to the crack or void and hold tightly with palm of the hand for 3 minutes until READYPLUG sets.

Over coating: After application of READYPLUG, we recommended over coating with READYPROOF for durable performance.

Cleaning: Tools should be cleaned with water immediately after use.

Shelf life: READYPLUG has a shelf life of 6 months in sealed container if stored under shade in dry conditions.

Packing:5 Kg in sealed polythene packs.

Health & Safety:
READYPLUG is non toxic and mildly alkaline>any splashes must be washed with water.

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