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Ready Guard A - Benefits

  • Prepared easy to use water proofing coating
  • Ensure excellent water proofing characteristics
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Flexibility
  • Allows surfaces to breath
  • Economical and cost effective water proofing system.

Description: Ready guard-A is prepacked two components powder and liquid polymer, consist of processed cements and special fillers that can be applied over one well prepared sound substrates to provide extremely tough durable water proof render 2-3mm thick tanks,basements,etc. ( where water under hydrostatic pressure exists then READYGUARD-A must be used in conjunction with READYGUARD-T or READYGUARD-WM.

Uses: All structures that are required to be water proofed and protected against the ingress of moisture like basements, watertanks, swimmingpools, retaing walls, bridge walls, tunnels, lift shafts, sewage tanks, reservoirs, dams, dockgates, etc

Mixing: Ready Guard-A should preferably be mixed mechanically by using an electric drill and paddle attachment.Pour the liquid polymer in the container first and add powder slowly while mixing continuously until an even homogeneous mix of brushing consistency is obtained.

Surface preparation: All leaks and water jets must be stopped using ready guard-A plugging compound. (Refer relevant data sheet). Substrate must be sound, clean and free from loose particulars or laitance or contamination and preferably be wire brushed. Where cracked must be treated first depending on the type of cracks.

Application: The prepared surface must be thoroughly wetted with water for absorption and excess of water to be removed. Ready guard-A must be applied in 2/3 uniform coats. Mixed Ready guard-A will remain for 20 minutes. Mixing in small quantities is recommended.

Cleaning: All tools must be cleaned with water immediately after use.

Shelf life: 9months when stored in original sealed pack under shade in dry condition.

Packing & coverage:



18Kg Powder + 10Ltr liquid

16.5 sqm TO 25 sqm

9Kg Powder + 5Ltr liquid

8.25 sqm TO 12.5 sqm

0.1810Kg Powder + 0.450Ltr liquid

0.75 sqm TO 1.15 sqm

Health & Safety: READYGUARD-A is non toxic and mildly alkaline. any splashes on the skin must be washed with water.

How to specify: All surfaces to be water proofed shall be prepared and treated with READYGUARD-A or in connection with READYGUARD-WM(F)strictly in accordance with the instructions of Rajiv enterprises.

Additional Information: For trowel led finish READYGUARD-A can be used asprimer followed by READYGUARD-T or READYGUARD-WM(F) which is to be trowel led on tacky primed surface up to required thickness (recommended thickness is 5mm to 10mm).See for separate data sheet of READYGUARD-WM(F) for more information.

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