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Ever Proof, a Polymer based, ready to use & easy to apply single component liquid applied elastomeric water proofing membrane.

Uses: Ideal waterproofing and protective system for concrete roofs, polystyrene built up roofs, masonry & concrete walls, toilet blocks,terraces,roof gardens.chajjas,sloping roofs galleries,dome,arches,shell roofs, expansion joints, damp proof surface, protective coat for stilled R.C.C, columns,doors,window frames, weather shades, automobile flooring and coach tops for anti drumming protective coating for polyurethane foam insulation etc

• Solvent free, water based economical material
• Self priming & fast drying
• Resists U.V.rays,mild acids
• Sustains thermal expansion
• It has elongation of approximately 300% thereby usable in expansion joints
• Resists temperature from 5◦c to 165◦c
• Can be used externally on vertical or horizontal surfaces as well as in sandwich course
• Improves solar reflection & imparts insulation quality
• Good adhesion to concrete A.C.sheet tiles, cement plasters,marble,glass,bricks,sheet metals wood polyurethane foam
• Resists fungus & micro-organism growth
• Can be applied even by lay men
• Withstands voltage up to 5K.V.A

Preparation: Surface should be clean & free from dirt, dust, grease & oil

Method of Application: For different surfaces add 50% water everproof, apply as priming coat. Allow it to dry and then apply 2 coats of EVERPROOF after previous coat is dry.EVERPROOF can be applied with simple brush or roller or squeegee.

Coverage: Application at the rate of 1Kg for 1Sq Mt Approximately.

Store: Shelf life of one year from the date of manufacture.
Store in closed containers under moderate temperature

1 Color Off-white
2 Physical property Thyrotrophic non flowing on vertical surface
3 Condition after hardening Flexible & elastic
4 Touch dry App 1 hour
5 thorough dry 40 hours
6 Solid contents Min 50%
7 Flash point Non inflammable
8 Heat Resistance No cracking or blistering
9 Resistance to water Excellent
10 Solar reflection Excellent
11 Insulation Good
12 Chemical resistance Good

Cleaning: Can be cleaned with water before drying.

Packing: Available in pack of 1Kg, 5Kg, and 20Kg

Health & safety Instructions: Avoid contact with eyes or inhalation & remove person to fresh air, irrifate the affected area with clean water at first instance & call for medical attention.

Technical services are available for assistance on any specific use & application

Ever Proof
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