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CRACKFILL water based acrylic crack filler

CRACKFILL: Crack fill is a ready to use water based acrylic crack filling paste for internal and external use. Ideal material for filling of masonry/wall cracks, RCC cement cracks, Plaster cracks, Pop cracks, etc.

Advantages: Easy and direct (cold applied) application. Water miscible property makes it easy to tune dilute the product making it possible to penetrate fine cracks.

Application: Widen the cracks wherever possible in V grove shape apply on the cracks with a knifing putty. Allow for drying overnight. For deeper cracks, penetration and shrinkage are observed; repeat the application till the crack is leveled. For use in hairline cracks and places where widening is not possible think the material with potable and soft water to enable penetration.

Packing: Crack fill is available in 1kg, 5Kg, 20 Kg, packs.

Health & safety instruction: Avoid contact with eyes or inhalation & remove person to fresh air, irritate the affected area with clean water at first instance & call for medical attention. Technical services are available for assistance on any specific use & application.

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