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Eurochem is a company engaged in the manufacturing distribution and marketing of building chemicals for use in variety of construction industries. Eurochem Inc. is an organization having professionals with experience in the construction industry from the Middle East, Africa and the Indian Sub-Continent.

Eurochem Inc is a company offering total construction solutions. The products on after comprise of use from under the ground to over the roof.

Eurochem Inc is a pan India Company and offers the products which are suitable to the Indian subcontinent, where the temperatures and the climates vary from the equatorial conditions to the dry and desert condition to extreme cold conditions. The thermal cycle is in the range from 52° C to – 5°C. The products are specially designed for simple use and long performance. Extreme care is taken to see that all the products are eco friendly and water based and hence environmental friendly.

Eurochem products enhance the quality of construction economically as our products range includes the usage from foundation protection to the roof top coating for water proofing and heat insulation.

"To build with confidence and build with care build with Eurochem"

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